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good morning, america. this morning, incredible images of this massive 747 cargo plane crashing on takeoff at a u.s. air base in afghanistan. growing questions now about what happened on board in these dramatic moments. the clues all caught on a dashboard camera. developing overnight. brand-new details on the boston bombing investigation. authorities revealing to abc news what they believe was the turning point for the older suspect. when he was radicalized and the man who may have influenced him. caught on tape. is this the most dangerous road in america? this stunning crash, dead man's curve, and everyone walked away. how cameras are cap touring every moment of the collision course high above l.a. l.a. ♪ >> and mother lode.
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16 weeks of paid maternity leave. a change of heart by the new mom ceo at yahoo! new dads get eight weeks and wait till you hear the icing on the cake. good morning, america. happy may day. good to have george back from l.a. and a lot of people were up last night watching the special, diane sawyer talking to amanda knox about her harrowing ordeal and her most terrifying moments. now, amanda knox is joining us live later this morning. >> looking forward to that and a whole lot more. we begin with dramatic pictures of the massive 747 crash at the u.s. air base in afghanistan. the video from a vehicle dashcam posted on the web. we won't be showing you the moment of impact. it does provide important clues about what might have happened. martha raddatz is here with all
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the details. good morning, martha. >> good morning, george. this is a kind of jet that is used commercially worldwide and even though it was in a war zone they do not believe enemy fire had anything to do with the crash. the video was shot from a dashboard camera on the perimeter of bagram air base. you see the huge 747 just having taken off nose high but seconds later a sharp bank right then plunging to the ground. there was no chance for anyone to survive. >> in the cockpit the pilots are trying to force the nose to move down so the airplane can get more air speed and wings will continue to generate lift. it's a sickening feeling to watch this. >> reporter: the airline company says the plane was packed with vehicles and other general cargo being flown out of afghanistan during this drawdown. colonel ganyard says they may have weighed tons and broken
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loose from inflight restraints. >> if the cargo had broken loose from its restraints it would force it to the back of the airplane because the nose -- >> just like it is there so the nose is up so far because perhaps cargo is shifted to the back and pushed the tail of the aircraft down and the nose up. at this point, the pilots don't even have the control authority to push the nose down and to get the airplane flying again. >> reporter: colonel ganyard says it would have been nearly impossible for a pilot to recover in that short amount of time during takeoff. >> at this point as you see the forward motion begin to slow down and the aircraft roll off onto one wing, the stall is inevitable. >> reporter: this morning, we are learning more about the victims in the crash. five of the seven dead are from michigan including 33-year-old jamie brokaw and brad hasler whose brother talked about the loss. >> i loved my brother more than anything. if i could trade places with him and he could be with his family i would in a heartbeat.
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>> the pilots were all very experienced but as you heard the colonel say this was the kind of incident that you just couldn't recover from. the national transportation safety board now has investigators on the way. george? >> oh, man, okay, martha, thanks very much. our hearts go out to all those families. >> we're thinking about that. you're right about that, george. now to the latest breaking details on the boston bombing investigation. questions about who will claim the body of the older suspect as we learn who may have helped radicalize him and brian ross is here with the latest. >> the boston medical examiner says it is ready to release the body of tamerlan but his wife, the mother of his child says she does not want him. no longer using her muslim name and still under intense federal scrutiny for any possible role in the bombing, katherine russell made it clear she wants nothing to do with her dead husband. her lawyer issued a written statement overnight saying she will not claim the body. "it is katherine russell's wish that his remains be released to
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the tsarnaev family." the fbi is still studying the wife's dna to see if it matches the female dna found on bomb fragments and agents continue to investigate whether she or any of the brother's friends or relatives tried to dispose of evidence after the bombing, either unknowingly or knowingly. >> i believe that he's wrongfully being accused. >> reporter: there is one and maybe only one family friend who continues to keep faith with the brother tsarnaev. brittany smith of long island, new york, a friend of dzhokhar and his sister told linsey davis of abc news even the surveillance images don't persuade her. >> i knew dzhokhar. what i see is two people walking with book bags. i don't see them planting explosives. i believe they needed two people to blame and these are the two people they blamed. >> reporter: but the evidence continues to mount including from russia.
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u.s. authorities tell abc news they believe a turning point for tamerlan tsarnaev came last year in the russian republic of dagestan at this mosque known to be a gathering spot for extremists. russian security services told their american counterparts the boston resident was seen meeting and leaving from the mosque with a known chechen terror recruiter, mansur nidal, who was later killed in a standoff with authorities while tsarnaev was still in dagestan. a sister of the two tsarnaev brother, bella, told abc news she and her other sister will claim the body of tamerlan and provide him a properly muslim funeral. >> and they're saying it may take place in boston. >> that's what they're saying. >> to the white house where president obama is set to provide more military aid to the rebels fighting president assad in syria. one of many issues at the press conference, abc's jon karl was there with tough questions of his own. good morning, jon. the president stepping up the pressure on syria but also
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making clear that we're not talking about troops here. >> reporter: that's right, george. no desire in this white house to send u.s. troops to syria or get them involved in that conflict really in any way but what they are preparing to do is significantly ramp up aid to the rebels that are fighting president assad. in the short term this will mean more nonlethal aid like night vision goggles, body armor, communications equipment, but i am told that the administration is preparing plans that would send weapons, lethal aid to those rebels. the president has long resisted because of the chance that those weapons could end up in the wrong hands. >> jon, you also asked the president a question about his languishing legislative agenda. it seemed to get under his skin a little bit but he is having some trouble with congress. >> reporter: it was the hundred-day mark and faced a string of defeats. he's, you know, had problems with the republican house and some democrats in the senate. the president did push back very hard on the notion that he
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doesn't have any juice when it comes to congress and predicted he will still have big legislative victories most likely on immigration, george. >> lively back and forth. jon, thanks very much. >> to josh with the other top stories. we'll begin with the easier access that teen girls will now have to contraception. the fda has announced that girls as young as 15 will now be able to buy the morning after pill without a prescription and without permission. the plan b one-step emergency contraception will now be available over the counter. the fda lowered the age limit from 17 but stopped short of following a court order that called for the pill to be made available to women of all ages. new evidence has been released against the mississippi man accused of sending letters laced with the poison ricin to president obama and a u.s. senator. investigators say that james everett dutschke ordered castor beans on ebay. ricin is derived from those beans and the fbi says traces of
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the poison turned up at dutschke's old martial arts studio and on a mask that he had thrown away. a possible development overnight in the murder of an 8-year-old northern california girl. hundreds gathered in the town of valley springs last night to mourn the death of young leila fowler. police say she was found by her brother in their house saturday after he saw an intruder run away. they're looking into whether the attempted abduction of a toddler 45 miles away is related. jason wryrynen had the toddler in his arms before the mother wrestled her away. >> police in cities across the country are an guard this morning, trying to keep them from turning into riots such as these in oakland, seattle and new york last year. may day, may 1st is often a holiday used to focus attention on workers' issues. some 30,000 are expected to demonstrate for immigration reform today in los angeles
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alone. and this had nothing to do with may day but a massive brawl broke out in venezuela's national assembly. lawmakers throwing those haymakers, throwing their colleagues to the ground and tensions stem from last month's disputed presidential election. several lawmakers walked out bloodied and bruised as you can see. and while this fellow wasn't bloodied or bruised but probably embarrassed and deeply so. look what happened when a memphis police officer tried stopping a driver for not buckling up. the police officer lost control of his own car and drove it up a power pole. the interesting thing here is the officer ended up with his own traffic ticket. >> he did? >> for failure to keep control of his vehicle and striking a fixed object. a poor -- >> did he cite himself? >> that's a good question. >> always a follow-up. you'll get back to us. >> update in the 8:00 hour. >> thank you.
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we'll move on to amanda knox. we all learned last night in diane sawyer's exclusive interview about the terror that she faced in an italian jail and the rough road she has traveled. accused of a murder she says she did not commit and her memoir, "waiting to be heard," has just been released and now the reaction is pouring in overnight. here's abc's david wright. >> did you kill meredith kercher? >> no. >> were you there that night? >> no. >> do you know anything you have not told police that you have not said in this book? do you know anything? >> no. i don't. >> reporter: for five years she has been waiting to be heard, all the while accused of being a monster. >> but you confessed. >> well, i didn't confess. i was interrogated. they acted like my answers were wrong.
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they told me i was wrong, that i didn't remember correctly, that i had to remember correctly and if i didn't i would never see my family again. >> reporter: diane sawyer's exclusive interview is being watched with interest around the world. >> amanda knox. >> amanda knox. >> amanda knox. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: in italy where amanda knox could soon face a new trial on murder charges, skepticism. knox certainly knows how to be cool and how to take advantage of it, wrote one italian viewer. in america, she would have been sentenced to death. and in england home country of the roommate she's alleged to have killed -- >> abc news in full to explain her behavior after the murder in 2007. >> reporter: family members of meredith kercher say they won't be rushing out to buy knox's new book. >> all i can give them is this memory that i have of her to add to their -- to all of theirs that they can carry with them. >> reporter: even in this country a mixed reaction on
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twitter. while many expressed renewed confidence of her innocence and outrage at her ordeal, some found her manner offputting. "i don't understand amanda knox," wrote one viewer, "shows no sympathy at all, ever." for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> and amanda knox is here live with us in the studio and we'll be talking to her just ahead. >> that is coming up. a new development now in the search for that missing young mom in western michigan. jessica heeringa vanished friday after finishing up her late shift at a local gas station and now getting our first look at the man police believe may be involved. alex perez has the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. this morning for the first time we are also hearing from someone who saw jessica just before she disappeared. >> share with your neighbor, with your community.
7:14 am
>> reporter: as hundreds turned out for a vigil praying for jessica, police have released a new sketch showing the man they suspect abducted her. investigators believe this man was driving a silver minivan that was caught on a nearby surveillance camera and spotted at this gas station just before the 25-year-old attendant vanished. in an exclusive interview christian vanantwerpen believes he was one of the last people to see heeringa before she disappeared. >> i saw her two hours before this happened. >> reporter: around 9:00 p.m. on friday vanantwerpen fueled up at the gas station, chatting with heeringa. she had stepped out of the store to replace the receipt tape on one of the pumps. he was about to drive off when he saw a man in a silver minivan drive up right next to her. >> he was like, hey, what are you doing over here? aren't you supposed to be inside. >> reporter: he says the man didn't get gas and seemed unusual. even in his tone, though, you kind of knew something was
7:15 am
weird. >> yeah, it was just bizarre that he seemed to be actively looking for her. you know, like he knew her and he just had this attitude that he wanted to have a conversation with her. >> reporter: it's now been almost five full days and no sign of the young mother who left her purse and keys inside the gas station. >> it could have been me. it could have been any one of us out here. >> i have hope that she'll be found. >> reporter: and family members say they will hold on to that hope as long as possible. authorities say they have gotten dozens of tips from across the country. george? >> okay, alex, thanks very much. the weather now and sam, boy, a headline we were not expecting, record-breaking snowstorm in may. >> yeah, and it's -- i know, i know and folks on twitter are just saying please don't say this but we have to because it's happening right now. we'll show you early early morning pictures before the sun came up in denver. you can see the snow falling there. now, in denver this isn't the worst because june 27th is the latest snowfall ever in denver.
7:16 am
you would expect that but in minneapolis if they get 3 inches it's their biggest may snowstorm since 1946 so a lot of people are talking about this. already the twitter pictures showing the rain changing to snow in the thornton area outside of colorado. a lot of folks sending those as they step out the door. denver snow, that is a today issue. later by tonight into tomorrow morning we spread it into minneapolis and that's a good hit. we're expecting 2 to 5 inches of snow which would make it the may record snowfall in the minneapolis area. there's the line, north platte, you're in the middle. kansas city gets a little hit, as well. another big story the soaking rain down in the deep south, new orleans already has flood watches out. miami area, south florida got 10 inches of rain yesterday. they're getting more rain during the day today. that's the weather around the nation. your local forecast 30 seconds away.
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>> coming up in the next half hour strong storms in central texas and central oklahoma. we'll look closely into that. >> yesterday you gave us a heads-up about that. okay, sam, thank you.
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now to a troubling custody battle out of california pitting a young couple against police and child protective services fighting for their 5-month-old son. it started with a routine visit to the hospital for their baby. he seemed to be suffering from the flu. cecilia vega picks it up from there. good morning, cecilia? >> reporter: robin, good morning. boy, the allegations here are pretty incredible. two parents say their baby was taken from them because they wanted a second medical opinion. they still don't have full custody and now they say they are planning to sue. this shocking video is hard to watch. >> i'm going to grab your baby and don't resist and don't fight me, okay? so move your hands. >> reporter: police enter a california home and take a baby boy right out of the arms of his mother. they leave with baby sammy and his mother says refused to say where they took him. >> i can't tell you right now because i'm -- you're not -- i don't think you're acting, you know, rationally.
7:19 am
>> just took my baby from my arms and just walked out of the door. he was crying and that was the hardest moment just to leave go and let go. >> reporter: 5-month-old sammy was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a newborn. his parents had been taking him to a cardiologist regularly but when he was admitted to suter memorial last tuesday for flu symptoms, the nikolayevs say they did not like the hospital's care so they left admittedly walking out without a proper discharge. >> they told us they need to do surgery right away. we wanted to have a second opinion from a different doctor at a different hospital and took my son. >> reporter: they took him to kaiser permanente anyonety where records show the baby was safe to go home with his parents. in a statement suter memorial tells abc news "our nurses and physicians are bound by duty to call authorities if they believe a pediatric patient's health is in danger." but these parents say there was no imminent danger.
7:20 am
>> it's like people taking your baby away. stealing your baby and you don't know what's going to go on. >> reporter: the parties in this case say they can't comment because of privacy. baby sammy is still in the hospital and will soon be transferred to a different one then he heads home. a judge has ruled that cps will still make home visits. robin and george, his parents had to agree never to take him from the hospital against doctor's orders. >> okay, thanks very much. coming up on "gma," the final day of dramatic testimony in the jodi arias trial. both sides preparing closing arguments right now. and is this the most dangerous road in america? no one seriously hurt here. why cameras are capturing every moment of a collision course high above los angeles. >> ah and paradise for parents here, how new moms and dads at yahoo! may have hit the mother lode. >> i see what you did. >> thank you. there's the first zing of the day. sofia vergara dishing on
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control fires in sonoma and napa valley with 200 acres burned and another fire in yountville scorched 50 acres and you can probably smell the smoke in other parts of bay area. we will see how the commute is going. leyla gulen? >> thank you, eric, from westbound 80 it is building a little bit, at 15-minute wait to get through the tolls. as we take you back to the highway, the sig-alert is in affect at highway 37, with one lane blocked until further notice. if you are head on highway four from antioch to concord you have at least a 37-minute drive. eric? >> when we come back our meteorologist has the
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>> good morning, and now what going on outside with our latest advisories until 11:00 wind advisory in north bay mountains and diabolo until 6:00. the entire bay area, even the coast, under a heat
7:29 am
7:30 am
it has been called deadman's turn, the most dangerous road in the world and you can see why. crash after crash on that stretch of road. >> and this morning we'll have the new, shocking moments caught on tape. this is really shocking but everyone walked away from what you're going to see. just incredible. good morning, america. >> good to have you with us. also ahead it's the final day of testimony in the case that's captivated the country. the trial of jodi arias. about to conclude as a final witness prepares to take the stand. and remarkable night last night, special interview, amanda knox sitting with diane sawyer speaking about her four-year ordeal in an italian prison. she now joins us live. she'll be sitting down with robin in just moments. quite a morning. >> also ahead, one of the
7:31 am
biggest companies, my yahoo!'s ma rhys ya mihys -- marissa may6 weeks of paid maternity leave possible. the final stretch for the jodi arias trial. dozens of witnesses, hundreds of questions. the last testimony today closing arguments start tomorrow and abc's ryan owens is back with all the latest. >> reporter: could today finally be it? after four months, 36 witnesses, is this the last day of testimony in the jodi arias murder trial? that's what the judge promised the jury last week, warning today might be a marathon. >> we are going to stay here until we finish. >> reporter: on tap today, yet another set of dueling psychologists with very different opinions about what drove the 32-year-old killer to shoot and repeatedly stab her
7:32 am
ex-boyfriend. >> the simple answer is he attacked me. >> reporter: arias has changed her story many times about that day in june of 2008 when she killed mormon businessman travis alexander. first she said she wasn't there. then she concocted an elaborate tale of masked intruders who butchered her former boyfriend but spared her. finally, she fessed up but claims she can't remember the killing but knows it was self defense. >> were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: the defense case lasted 38 days, an unbelievable 18 with jodi arias herself on the stand. >> nothing but the truth so help you god. >> reporter: but after this prosecution psychologist labeled her a ma nip tiff liar with a violent streak arias' attorneys convinced the judge to let them re-open their case. their final witness, san diego psychologist dr. robert geffner. he never examined arias but he
7:33 am
is expected to say what her other experts did. she's a battered woman, not a cold-blooded killer. >> jurors after a while if they start to feel preached to. if they start to feel like we've already heard an expert talk about this, they begin to get resentful. >> reporter: it also means the prosecutor will get to call yet another of his own psychologists to the stand. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> okay, let's get more from "gma" legal analyst dan abrams. okay, one more long day. >> yeah. >> today and then the marathon trial heads into the closing arguments. when you strip all of this away, what does the defense have to do tomorrow? >> they have to somehow avoid premeditation, right. this is not a case about whether jodi arias is going to get convicted. she's going to get convicted or there will be a hung jury but she's not going to get acquitted so the question becomes, what is she going to get convicted of? and if i'm the defense, that's my focus. the focus is not on the
7:34 am
self-defense. yes, you have to make that part of your closing argument, yes, you have to argue that to the jury. but i think going through your mind, the most important thing you want to try to convince the jurors is, there's not proof beyond a reasonable doubt of premeditation here. >> that could increase the significance of the decision by the judge. has not been made yet whether or not to allow manslaughter. >> this is a really important question. the question is as a legal matter should the judge offer manslaughter as an option to the jurors? the prosecutors say there's no evidence of manslaughter. the defense says it should go to the jury with that question. i don't think there's a real good chance she'll get convicted of manslaughter even if the judge gives it, the problem for prosecutors is if manslaughter is offered as an option, it could lead to a compromise verdict and the compromise would be second degree murder. second degree murder would be a big victory for jodi arias in connection with this case. considering how much evidence there is against jodi arias, if these jurors were to, quote,
7:35 am
compromise and convict of second degree murder, yoed jodi and her attorneys in my view walk away winners. >> of course, there will be no death penalty. >> that's correct. >> thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to an out-of-control fraternity brawl caught on tape in arizona. police say the massive fight involved baseball bats, gunfire, five people arrested so far and this is not the first incident for fraternities at arizona state university. abc's john muller joins us now with more on this. >> yeah, good morning, robin. one of the five -- one of the from erpts temperature members remains in intensive care. police expected more arrests in addition to the five they have already charged. all this as the university and a city struggle to reign in a problem that's getting out of hand. a late night frat party shut down by gunfire. tempe, arizona, police say a party at the delta kappa epsilon apartment complex came to a violent end friday night after two nonstudents were attacked by fraternity members over a fight
7:36 am
over a girl. you can see the shoving match captured by security cameras and in these newly released 911 tapes you can hear what happened when the party crashers returned with reinforcements. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> somebody came in with a baseball bat and smashed somebody in the face. you need to get over here right now. >> what's going on there, ma'am? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it sent partygoers running for their lives luckily, no one was shot. this morning, tempe police have three attackers in custody but arizona state university's neighbors say they've had enough. >> eight months of constant partying, constant underage drinking. the cops may show up but never got shut down. >> reporter: since the school closed greek housing in 012 they have filled nearby apartment complexes like these and in that time, neighbors say crime, loud parties and violence has skyrocketed. >> you've got, you know, 50 kids or more yelling and screaming and throwing bottles and stuff,
7:37 am
it becomes very threatening. >> reporter: at the same apartments where this weekend's melee took place, two rival fraternities were caught on tape brawling it out last november. in march two female students were hospitalized for burns after a partygoer threw a bottle of alcohol into an open fire causing an explosion. >> the bottom line is we're going to respond and we're going to take care of the situation and we want our residents to know they live in a safe area. >> arizona state officials say they are working with off-campus fraternities to move them on campus by the fall semester. the fraternity says they were n unprovoked and nobody in the apartment complex the night of the melee. >> what a scene, thank you very much. let's get back to sam and see -- my family down south, they're getting hammered. >> soaking. it was like 1 to 2 inches an hour in new orleans yesterday and pictures, we'll show you this out of florida from tampa, florida, the first pictures of flooding all the way to miami yesterday. in some cases south florida picked up 10 inches of rain.
7:38 am
10 inches of rain and you're thinking, oh, it rains a lot this time of year in florida. sometimes but not 10 inches of rain in one movement and today you can see from florida all along the gulf again, new orleans a part of this. there's the opportunity for those thunderstorms, thundershowers and very heavy rain one more time today. here's where the strongest will be, this in the way of winds and hail from oklahoma city outside all the way to san antonio. abilene, right in the bull's-eye of those storms. and we set up this little pattern where we get that western wind blowing into southern california and it'll start really aching a difference in those temperatures keeping it warm. l.a. will go to 90 degrees on thursday, 96 on friday. look at seattle going from 65 today to 77 on friday. it's a whole west coast warm-up really looking at that. quick look at the big board. this snow, by the way, 6 inches of snow forecast in the minneapolis
7:39 am
>> all that weather watt brought to you by transition lenses, josh, robin, george, lara. >> sam. >> coming up, collision course, the shocking moments of impact on the most dangerous road in america. and sofia vergara opens up in a reveal you new interview on what makes a man sexy. wedding details and her baby plans right now. come on back. ♪ see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you.
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7:43. and now what could be the most terrifying road in america. one of the most infamous winding routes high above los angeles and about to show you a new video of a spectacular crash which everyone walked away from. it is going viral and abc's linsey davis is here with the latest. linsey. >> reporter: good morning, lara. this stretch is obviously known to be dangerous, a popular photo-op for bikers who go there to get their photos taken. watch what one videographer caught on camera, a case of being in the wrong place at the very wrong time. watch what happens when this biker loses control. and then slams right into these two unsuspecting cyclists. watch again as the biker drifts on to the shoulder of a california road colliding with the two men sending the first one flying and knocking the second one right off his bike.
7:44 am
>> he's calling. >> reporter: the first cyclist hit was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. >> he was sitting up in pain, asked him what hurts the most and it was his elbow and low back. >> reporter: the second one sustained only minor injuries. the incident occurred saturday afternoon on southern california's mull holtd highway along a 2.4-mile stretch of road aptly named the snake known for its tightly coiled curves and 21 hairbin turns. this particular corner is called edwards corner. wrecks are so common here every weekend two photographers and a videographer camp out to capture the slide-outs, slip-ups and wipeouts that seem to be inevitable. it all becomes fodder for this youtube channel, a compilation of crashes, each with hundreds
7:45 am
of thousands of views further popularizing this stretch of mulholland and drawing more riders of all abilities to this ascending uphill corner which might be best described as a collision course. the cyclist who was hit first was visiting from london. he is said to be doing okay. he was discharged from the hospital miraculously with no broken bones but not only dangerous for the cyclists but the motorcyclists themselves. >> 0 kidding. so dangerous, thank you very much, linsey. coming up, yahoo!'s ceo marissa mayer with a bold new plan for parents, paid days off for maternity leave and that's not all. >> not by a long shot. "play of the day" for you. soccer like you've never seen it before. stop it. stop it! ♪ freeze frame freeze frame freeze frame
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." or two, or two. or further. i love the soccer admittedly. practical applications of soccer, that's one way to sell it to this country. i have two today. one curious, one very cool. let's start with the serious. this is what's happening over the pond. ♪ it's called foot tea. foot tea. foot and then t-e-e because it's soccer golf. >> i love it. >> i got to tell you i would totally play had. >> that looks like fun. >> the course dedicated to soccer golf. look at that. tipping it over the water. >> wow. >> i love this. >> better than i thought. >> great. >> even better. >> cool one. this is a dunk contest and i want you to watch what happens. greatest ever, look at this. throws it down. look at the back field. take a look quickly. watch this.
7:51 am
then off -- >> wow. >> yeah! >> that's soccer, everybody. get on board. all right? plenty of seats available on the bandwagon. "deals & steals," "dancing with the stars." come on back. somewhere in america one lucky mom is about to get -- >> are you surprised. >> breakfast in bed cooked up by emeril himself only on "good morning america" presented by thomas' english muffins. st covep my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
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7:56 am
>> good morning, cal fire trues are working on four brushfires bumping in the north bay with three fires in sonoma county in the knights valley area spreading over 200 acres and another in napa scorched 75 acres in yountville so check with mike on the winds and fire danger. >> the winds continue until 11:00 and fire until 6:00, and you can see the golden gate bridge and matters of the north bay as we look from the tower the haze is hangover that area with temperatures 13 to 17 degrees warmer than average and record hires possible today and
7:57 am
more likely tomorrow. leyla gulen? >> the sig-alert is canceled westbound highway 37 but the bad news is we are left with plenty of traffic coming from vallejo. the san jose drive is busy beyond
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ and good morning, america on may 1st, not just may day but lei day. that's l-e-i. you see the amazing dancers from the polynesian cultural center adding a little aloha. >> oh. aloha. >> aloha. >> thank you very much. >> aloha. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> mwah. >> wow! >> this smells nice. >> it does, it does. >> i'm like a big -- this is like a huge tree. >> thank you so much. >> this is fantastic and it's incredibly fragrant. >> i have to ask another follow-up. how come the men -- don't go away. we'll get that later. >> i guess we'll -- >> we'll figure that out. >> wow, this is gorgeous.
8:01 am
also, we have the ultimate "deals & steals." it gets hotter this morning at the "gma" spa. >> wow. >> it begs the question, i'll follow myself. what do we do here right now? we'll have some beauty products out there and, of course, the sirens. >> don't leave and don't miss this. she's one of the loveliest and i mean inside and out people you ever want to see in your life, sofia vergara, by the way, a revealing new interview, and you are -- just look at this. look, every moment is perfection. >> you're new besties because you sat with her. >> i had so much fun. she and rubin were just like talk, talk, talk the whole time. so much fun. >> all right. >> also coming up, what the sizzling hot stars say about everything. we're talking about sofia still. we can't get enough. she's telling us a little about her wedding date, about whether or not she'll have more kids. she's really revealing.
8:02 am
>> yeah, and quite a special, an interview last night, amanda knox speaking out to our diane sawyer, and now amanda joins us live as we have reaction to the interview last night. we're going to talk to amanda just ahead. >> that is coming up. first let's get some news from josh. we'll begin with the crash of that boeing 747 and what could now be an important piece of information for investigators. we are not going to show you the impact. but this is dash cam video that shows the plane falling from the sky monday in afghanistan. seven americans lost their lives. the video will now be analyzed as officials try to figure out what went wrong. the cargo plane was carrying military equipment, which some believe may have come loose during takeoff, dramatically shifting the weight on board that plane. and the wife of the alleged boston marathon bomber, tamerlan tsarnaev, has released a statement this morning saying that she wants nothing to do with her dead husband. the boston medical examiner is ready to release his body. tsarnaev's sisters tell abc news
8:03 am
they will claim it. meantime, authorities say they believe it was in the mosque you see here in the russian republic of dagestan that tsarnaev became radicalized. he was seen there last year meeting with a known terrorist recruiter. and president obama is ordering his national security team to consider ways to better support the rebels trying to overthrow the syrian government. that includes possibly arming those rebels, but the president says he's not ready to put american boots on the ground yet. and troubling news about a commonly used drug that helps millions of americans sleep at night. a new study finds hospital e.r. visits skyrocketed by more than 200% in recent years because of adverse reactions to the drug zolpidem, which is the active ingredient in ambien and other sleeping prognoses. the biggest problem, interactions with other medications and alcohol especially among women. finally, is there truth to the rumor that the city of savannah is haunted?
8:04 am
check out surveillance video from a local burger joint showing a bouncing light there on the right side of your screen. it seems, well, odd. and if you're not convinced, and who among us isn't, take a look, a rack of cups falling over. >> how can that bey. >> it just happened on its own. >> or did it? >> you decide. haunted or vermin. you decide. haunted -- oh, i'm the bad guy? >> yeah. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. haunted. it's obviously haunted. >> haunted by vermin. >> appreciate that. >> yeah. how about a little "pop news," lara? >> i would be honored. good morning, everybody, and well, what's in a name? well -- >> letters. >> -- a lot when you're a reality show called "top hooker." >> what? no. huh-uh. >> a major cable network has ordered the show that will determine who does it best and by "it," we mean fishing. >> oh. >> animal planet will air the
8:05 am
show where ten anglers compete and the top hooker wins $30,000. the show premieres in june and let's hope it reels in as much attention. >> reels in. >> as the saucy title. >> saucy. did you want -- >> that was good. >> real good. no, saucy had nothing to do with it. >> there's fish sauce. >> tartar. >> yeah. always fun to look at great homes. taylor swift just bought one. boy, did she. the country superstar now the proud owner of a mansion in rhode island. it's in -- >> wow. >> oh, that little thing. just a cottage. it's in the picturesque town of watch hill and she paid $18 million for the 19 30s estate, however, the original asking price was 24 million. so -- >> a bargain. >> yeah. lena dunham of "girls" is keeping it real in the borough where the show is set. she's reportedly looking at what's been described as the nicest apartment in the enclave. three bedrooms, has views of the bridges, manhattan, and a cool
8:06 am
price tag of $4.5 million. >> wow. >> fun to look at real estate. >> kids today. >> i know. >> kids today. >> i know. >> gosh, so much we could say. and we hope this day would come. it looks like it might finally be here when i can say with confidence the film world will get another cinematic giant, "magic mike 2" is, in fact, being written, people, as we speak according to the original director, steven soderbergh. even though he has said he's retiring from directing, he's very much involved in the sequel because and i can relate to this "magic mike" is very near and dear to his heart and he indicated that all of the stars including one matthew mcconaughey is on board. yes. >> i do. i just -- you say being written, was there much writing in the first one? >> it's a very deep and provocative story, sam. >> the subtlety and nuance of at least one of those.
8:07 am
>> sometimes, sam, there are no words. >> oh. >> and that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. we have no video to cover so, ladies and gentlemen, you'll see the walk. you're going to see the walk by the desk. this is me going outside. >> oh, wow. >> hula. >> i'm afraid to open this door because you never know when you open the door what's going to be outside today. oh! to hawaii, ladies and gentlemen. wait, wait, wait. turn this around. turn this around. you guys, i love it, i love it. while you guys get a shot of that, where are you guys from? >> texas. >> texas. >> texas. >> texas. >> texas. >> baltimore. >> baltimore. good morning, you guys. you have a ring side view of what is lei day, everyone. happy lei day. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to show you. where the warm weather is, by the way, you can see it's all over into the northeast which is why we can with confidence do the hula in times square today
8:08 am
because the temperatures are fairly comfortable but there is a dramatic cooldown coming with the cold front as it swings through. there are some strong storms along the front of it and behind it some cooler temperatures so get ready for that cooldown behind the front. this is absolutely lovely. can we do this every day? can we maybe put a little sand down? that's the weather around the nation. ♪ >> you know, time stops for me. and it will never -- i'll never rejoin life.
8:09 am
but let's go back inside to who? >> all: lara. >> lara. >> thank you so much. so much coming up on our "gma morning menu." including amanda knox. she is with us live. and also coming up, we have paradise for parents like ceo of yahoo! marissa mayer, has just made 16 weeks of maternity leave possible for all new moms and more. we'll explain. sofia vergara is revealing in an interview what makes a man sexy and plans for baby. and the latest couple booted from the ballroom joining us live right here on "good morning america" in times square. stay with us, won't you? "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the makers of caltrate, the number one selling calcium and vitamin d supplement brand. this one. [ notes play ]
8:10 am
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8:14 am
and love will always find its way in. thank you. thank you. ♪ every kiss begins with kay welcome back to "good morning america," everyone. and now to amanda knox, here exclusively on "gma" for her first ever live interview. as you know six years ago she was a college student studying abroad in italy. her life changed forever when her roommate, meredith kercher, was killed and amanda was first convicted of the crime. she spent four years behind bars before an appeals court set her free but just last month she learned her ordeal is not over yet. amanda's memoir, "waiting to be heard," was just released yesterday and it's nice to have amanda here with us live this morning. it's a morning after, after the interview that millions of people watched and your book is out. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm so grateful to be here.
8:15 am
i am so grateful to have this chance and i really, really hope that people will read it because i poured my heart into it and i gave it everything i had. >> it was very important to you to write it yourself and i got an advance copy over the weekend and to be honest i thought, i'll just skim through it to be prepared for this interview and i ended up reading it word for word. it's a very thoughtful, very straightforward -- you don't sugar coat anything. you talk about using drugs. you talk about your sexual encounters. you said you were waiting to be heard. what is it that you wanted people to hear most from you? >> wow. i wanted people to know who i was, because i felt that i was lost in the middle of this storm and i was taken over and i wanted people to know precisely what it is i went through and precisely what i was thinking at
8:16 am
every moment and i wanted -- i wanted to give what i was able to get out of it to the people who read it. it was so important for me to be honest. there's no use to me writing this if i wasn't completely honest and completely bare and i felt like i've been laid bare for so long that i'm -- i'm only happy to give that and hopefu y hopefully -- and hopefully make a difference. >> the reaction to the interview has been mixed. there's some people who did not know about the dna evidence that there was none there and how you explain that. >> yeah. >> and there were others that were -- your -- your emotion or lack thereof and you said it in the interview with diane that no one knows until you're put in a situation but people kind of think how they should act. how do you respond to that when people -- there are some people
8:17 am
that are just not going to be convinced? >> well, that's -- it's the greatest hurdle that i've had to come across in speaking to people and defending myself because until you're in a situation that is as incredibly surreal and overwhelming and tragic as i was in finding out that my friend was murdered and then being interrogated so aggressively and then being put through this huge trial like i had to learn how to deal with it as i went through it. i was 20. i was in this foreign country. i barely spoke the language and my friend was murdered and i had never in my life experienced anything -- anything similar and i was clueless all the way through and i just had to learn to survive. >> what is your life like now? it's beautiful at the end of the book that you had a list of things you wanted to do if you got out of jail and things that you were going to do if you
8:18 am
stayed in jail. so what is life like now for you? >> oh, god, i'm so -- i'm so incredibly grateful for life right now. i'm close to my family. i have my own place. i have a wonderful boyfriend. i have wonderful friends. i go to school. i go to -- >> udub. udub. >> and i have great teachers, very sympathetic friends that i met at the udub. i'm doing great. i really am. it's incredible to feel that again because i felt so stunted and so limited and so hated for so long and it's nice not to have to have that all the time. >> you mention your family. they're up in the green room. >> they are. >> right now and you became quite emotional when you were talking to diane about your family and the guilt that you felt for the sacrifice. they were there every single day, even if they couldn't see
8:19 am
you. looking at your life before and after this ordeal, how were you different? how are you the same? >> one of the things that i struggled with the most when i came back was the fact that i wasn't the same person anymore and i almost felt like i was disappointing my family because of how serious and almost -- i almost couldn't get out of my head when i first came home, that's where -- that was the only thing that i had left in prison was my own mind and that's where i hid myself inside of myself and i've slowly been coming out which is great and still the same person. i'm just a little more sober. somber. >> four years in jail will do that. meredith kercher, her family overnight released a statement and they said they're not going to read the book. that they are waiting to be
8:20 am
heard and that their beloved, meredith, is the victim. what do you say to the kercher family. >> meredith kercher is the vic. meredith kercher died and her family deserves answers. the prosecution didn't give that to them. i still hope they'll read my book because in it i talk about meredith. i talk about the relationship i had with her and that is the little amount that i can give them of her but i also want them to be able to come away with my perspective because if they -- they're seeking answers, and they deserve to have answers, and i give every answer that i can in my book. it's the first way that i can reach out to them and i really
8:21 am
hope that we can connect one day. >> i know you've been trying to. amanda knox, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> for being here and joining us and you can read an excerpt of amanda's book at on yahoo! "waiting to be heard." guys. >> she's really putting it all out there. thank you, guys. a story of marissa mayer, the ceo of our partner at yahoo! and took some heat a couple of months back for banning telecommuting and now she's back in a major expansion of paid parental leave for new mothers and fathers. rebecca jarvis has the story. >> reporter: employees at yahoo! may have just hit the mother lode. the internet giant led by the sometimes controversial ceo marissa mayer has announced it will now give new mothers up to 16 weeks paid maternity leave and new dads, they can take 8 paid weeks. the parental perks don't end
8:22 am
there. they're providing new parents with $500 in cash for things like child care and groceries. >> the whole world is going to drop everything they're doing and they're all going to go run and apply to work at yahoo!. it doesn't matter. you could be a train conductor. you're going to want to learn to program. >> reporter: but is mayer making up for some of her other policies including her edict just two months ago prohibiting employees from working from home. >> marissa mayer probably found that intentionally or not, her policies had created terrible morale. she has learned from it and, wow, she's like the parent who says, no, you can't have ice cream but i'm buying you a pony! >> reporter: then there's mayer's own maternity experience. she took only two weeks off when her son was born in september. igniting a firestorm of criticism that she was setting an unrealistic example for working mothers. but according to the mommy blogger she's now making the right move saying, now i don't give two figs about all the work from home hoopla considering that marisa has officially
8:23 am
announced a baller maternity leave" and moms-to-be we spoke with at a prenatal yoga center in new york city agree this new policy is a big bump in the right direction. >> i think it's absolutely wonderful and an absolute necessity. >> i think it's amazing and hopefully it's an inspiration for other corporations, big and small, to kind of follow in her footsteps. >> reporter: but how does the new policy compare to the competition? well, it's good but it still offers fewer days off than google and facebook. google offers 22 weeks of paid maternity leave and facebook offers 16. >> good to be in technology. >> wow. >> that's a lot more than other companies. >> it's a lot more than other companies and there are jobs for people in technology and perks for people in technology so note to kid, study engineering. >> yes. >> wow. >> start decoding. all right. let's move on to sofia vergara. we've been talking about her all morning. she is the june cover girl of
8:24 am
"cost po" magazine and the actress and star of abc's "modern family" is quite revealing talking about all her wedding plans, baby wishes and what she really finds attractive in a man. abc's diana perez has the story. >> reporter: she's one of the highest paid women in television. >> what is it this time, a hoe pe -- hotel waitress. >> reporter: and now sofia vergara is opening up in this new sizzling cover shoot for "cosmopolitan" magazine flaunting her curves, showing us her sultry side. >> i think sexy in a man comes in many different words. i think it can be a man that is very handsome or a man that is not that handsome but has a great personality and funny. men have to be funny to be sexy. >> reporter: dishing on what really makes her tick and vergara certainly knows ho to make people laugh even when
8:25 am
discussing her baby plans to "gma's" amy robach. >> i'm 40 years old. nothing happens that naturally anymore. >> i'm 42, i know. >> i'm sorry for you. i wanted to make sure i already froze some eggs. >> how far along are you in the process? >> no, i took them out already. they're in the refrigerator. yeah. >> oh, that's hilarious. >> i hope they'll be fresh when i use them. >> reporter: she told "cosmo" while planning to have i baby not to expect a baby bump. "i will have to use a surrogate because i had thyroid cancer and lots of radiation. i don't want to wait forever." it put a ki in. k in her wedding plans. >> i've been working. he's been working. we're trying to buy a house first so we're trying to figure out when. i think maybe next summer. >> reporter: and while love is in the air, wedding bells won't be ringing any time soon. telling "cosmo," he was already married with a big wedding and i was already married with a big wedding so we're going to do something but not right now" for
8:26 am
"good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. >> she is just divine. all right. and coming up, everybody, the latest couple booted from the ballroom joining us live and then a huge "deals & steals" moment from the "gma" spa. who knew? we do. we've got it all. >> i'm out. >> and you don't want to miss it. stay with us.
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news, good good morning, gusting winds are fanning brushfires in the wine country on this red flag warning day. crews are working on three fires burning near highway 128 in sonoma county. this is how it looked from sky 7 early this morning. at least 200 acres burned in the area. another fire in yountville has now scorched at least 75 acres and you may be able to smell some of the smoke in partses of the bay area. and now we will check with leyla gulen on the commute. >> no street closures, but we have a sig-alert that canceled westbound along highway 37 but the brand new crash as you come out of the area here, before 880
8:28 am
north we have backups and the southbound commute is pretty too, tough.
8:29 am
>> we are back and we have wind advisories until 10:00 this morning including the east bayvilles and diabolo range. the high fire danger is until 6:00 and tomorrow is the hottest kay in the forecast. we have a heat advisory in affect for all bay area and to
8:30 am
the coast. temperatures could hit the upper 90's inland. we will look at the continue ♪ happy may 1st. we're celebrating today. it's lei day. a lot of folks from the polynesian cultural center with us today bringing a little aloha to our morning. "great gatsby" star carey mulligan is here live, and right now look at her. so beautiful and so terrific in that film. first, though, we do need to get outside to josh and sam because it is ultimate "deals & steals" time, guys. >> hey. >> that siren tells the story. sam, carey mulligan is phenomenal in that. yeah, very exciting. but first tory johnson's ultimate "deals & steals." what do you have? >> well, it's the kind of deal, by the way, that makes people
8:31 am
go -- >> all: what's the deal? >> all right. since you asked, since you asked for our very first deal, we can do a little spin right here to show everybody. our very first deal is air brush tanning. when you go to the website that's not just the only beauty device you'll find but you'll find things to treat wrinkles and cellulite and hair dryers and all kind of amazing deals up to 84% off but we also have an ultimate deal so, spa girl, let's spin her around too. so this is a prosonic. using that is six times more effective than washing your face alone. >> yeah, all right. >> yes, that's danielle. it removes makeup, oil, impurities, all the stuff that you got to get off your skin so you have beautiful clean skin all the time. regularly $204. >> wait a minute. $200. >> yes, these little suckers are not -- slashed by 73%. >> no way.
8:32 am
>> every single deal today. [ cheers ] >> i've got the next appointment in the "gma" spa. >> yes, the "gma" spa. >> sam, i'll get one of each for you. >> did you notice? turn around. >> this is our official "gma" spa. >> for more exclusive deals on top beauty devices, just go in on yahoo! right now. sam, hands off. lara. >> thank you so much, josh. all right, on "dancing with the stars," andy dick's time in the ballroom has come to an end sadly. here's a look at that moment of truth. >> on this seventh week of competition the couple with the lowest score and lowest viewer points and therefore leaving right now is -- andy and sharna. >> i was so sad to hear about it. i know everybody was. just so much fun to watch, and we're joined now by andy and his
8:33 am
partner, sharna burgess, who are live in l.a. very early this morning. andy, i want to start with you. first of all, thank you for entertaining all of us. it was really fun to watch you. you tweeted after your low scores on monday that you were sad. did you know your time was up? >> well, we thought maybe with those low scores our time might be up, but we had such a strong fan base, we thought we were going to maybe get another week which, of course, we didn't. >> yeah. >> i know, but still to make it as far as you did, andy, and i know you've said that it has revitalized your life and even revitalized a lot of our lives with your spirit. i want to ask your partner right there. you got emotional last night in talking about -- sharna, i know it was your first season on "dancing with the stars." what surprised you most about andy? >> the depth to him and i think how quickly i became so close to him.
8:34 am
he's just such an incredible soul and a lovable person to his core, and this has been the most memorable experience i could have ever wished for, i think, for a first season as pro and i've just had a wonderful season but found a best friend, and i don't think i expected that. >> oh. >> andy, we all did see your heart all season long. it was so terrific to see. we also saw a little bit of your anger. seems like you're still holding that against carrie ann -- >> we both are. >> you know, we tweeted it out last night. carrie ann and i both tweeted our love for each other. >> on a lighter note, two of your children were in the audience last night, andy, and we have a special message for you. take a look. >> i love you so much, daddy. >> we love you so much, daddy. you did really good for a nondancer on a dance show
8:35 am
dancing. and that doesn't mean you should stop dancing. keep it up. you can dance for us. >> whoo. >> team dick, team dick. team dick. >> a great sense of humor. we want to show everybody, a quick reminder. can we play those clips of andy's greatest moments? do we have those? >> yes. >> here we go. >> oh. >> that would be nice. >> don't get mad at me if you fall in love with me. >> arriba, arriba. ole! >> i think you know i don't drink anymore, but i always carry around a six-pack. >> show a man whatever happens you'll go out of it a hero. well done. >> indeed, andy dick, sharna, we thank you both so much. >> congratulations. >> congratulations on everything and we wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks. >> all right, the next all new "dancing with the stars" monday, 8:00, 7:00 central airing right here on abc. boy, that was fun.
8:36 am
sam, let's get a last check on the weather. >> hey, lara, how do you recognize and honor our fallen heroes and those who serve. well, our friend, clint bruce has a good idea. clint, just tell me about the carry the load relay. >> that's right. carry the load is an opportunity for us to make memorial day matter again and come alongside the families of military fallen but law enforcement and firefighters and rescue who put it down for us every day so we'll take the whole month of may back and say thank you and have good answers for the question of if i lay me down, who is going to pick my family up. >> and you guys are basically going to do a relay kind of walk across the country, 2,000 miles. >> right. >> if you want to help, courageous. let's show everybody's faces here who is getting involved in this. if you want to help them out and make a difference and make -- not just memorial day but memorial may, do it to, and they'll tell you how to donate if you can your time or your money or your energies to the effort. we thank you, sir, and thank
8:37 am
everybody else this morning. >> i appreciate it. >> no, we appreciate you. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to share with you. twitter and facebook pictures. we'll begin in the seattle area. take a look at this great shot on twitter. that came in with the tulips looking at the space needle and this fresh this morning, fresh ft. collins, colorado, a good hit of snow there. that's the story we're dealing with, may and you're getting locally a foot of snow and even in minneapolis >> all that weather was brought to you by kay jewelers. hey, look who it is, by the way. hilarious new sitcom. now, this actually kicks off when? >> tonight. tonight. >> it's called -- >> "family tools."
8:38 am
>> now, you play jack shay, who by the way is taking over the family business after a series of, well, it's nice to say career mishaps basically. >> sure. >> is that a polite way to say it? >> mess-ups, mishaps, failures. tried everything under the sun and returning home to take over his family's business and probably fail at that, as well. hilariously fail. >> tell me about the cast and the characters in the show. >> well, j.k. simmons plays my father who is not very happy about me taking over the business because, as you see in the pilot, i'm unable to really do any tasks. >> you're not the guy who has it all together. >> not at all, no, whatever the opposite of the guy having it all together is what i am and leah remini plays my aunt who comes to help us because he's fallen ill. he's taken early retirement. she takes care of the family. >> that's an awesome cast. >> i get to play with tools and mess up and ruin clients' homes. and it's a dream. >> i can't wait to see it. so this all happen, by the way, tonight.
8:39 am
you can catch the series premiere of "family tools" at 8:30 eastern, 7:30 central right here on the "a," the "b," the "c." thank you so much for showing up with us. inside to lara, right? oh, no, we're not. first of all, coming up, she's one of the hottest movie stars of the year. and i'm not kidding. did you see carey mulligan standing in front of the door at "gma"?
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
look at that beautiful car. we're celebrating "the great gatsby" all week long here at "gma" and today it is all about daisy buchanan played by one of hollywood's most stylish young stars, carey mulligan. take a look. >> my shack is just a cardboard box. >> your life is adorable. i know somebody in west -- >> i don't know a single person that side of the bay. >> oh, you must know gatsby. >> gatsby? what gatsby? >> madame, the dinner is served. >> and carey mulligan joins us. great to have you here. >> thank you. great to be here. >> you like that car. right? >> i love that car. i haven't seen that car. it looks great. >> not bad, so i love the story of your audition for this. you're up against just about every great young actress in
8:43 am
hollywood, and you call it the craziest audition you've ever been through it. >> yeah, it was crazy. an audition with baz luhrmann is an experience and i walked into the room and there was three different -- it was kind of like being in here. like that was the level of intensity. >> real intimate. >> yeah, really intimate. three cameras, two roaming photographers and then leonardo just reading all the lines of every part. >> yes. >> but you took control and did a little bit of improv at the end of the audition that might have gotten you the part. >> oh, i think that's the story that's been elaborated by baz but it says in the script that daisy kisses gatsby and in auditions you never -- you don't know if it's inappropriate so i asked baz should i kiss him and baz said yes, so i did, and now baz tells others the story that -- >> he said that's daisy buchanan. that's what it is. you, like tobey maguire, he was here the other day, and he had not read "the great gatsby" before this began. you did not read it until you
8:44 am
learned about the audition but right after that you really crammed. >> yeah, well, i had -- i got a call asking if i had ever read it and i hadn't so i read it right two days before the audition. it was a very easy read, and so i read it and i did the audition then we had about a year before we started choosing so i had so much time and i went to princeton. i was so lucky and got into the archives and got to see the original manuscript and a lot of zelda fitzgerald's letters and scott, and so we had so much time to prepare. >> and created what you call a daisy cocktail. what is a daisy cocktail? >> a daisy -- well, sort of the simple plot in daisy's story and her character, so baz really wanted me to look at zelda fitzgerald and look at ginevra king and those were the two inspirations so looking at her life, looking at zelda's life and looking at ginevra's life and putting those three together.
8:45 am
>> you put the kardashians in mind? >> the kardashians are sort of a reference in that daisy's purpose in life is she feels her purpose is to look very beautiful all the time and to constantly be on show, so what i was trying to imply was that there's an essence of where it's sort of part of their job, the amazing business they run as the kardashians is looking beautiful a lot and looking very presentational and perfect. >> you did a great job of it and working with leo. is this the first time? >> yes. >> and? >> it was amazing. i loved it from the very first audition he was so incredibly generous and sweet and was helping me the whole way through. he was improvising in character in the first audition to help me and the whole way through he was so supportive and sweet. >> and it shows on screen. carey mulligan, thanks very much. "the great gatsby" opens in
8:46 am
8:47 am
oh, my goodness. it's that time of year when fans
8:48 am
of daytime television wait with bated breath to find out who is taking home that right there. the emmy. and this morning we have for you the nominees so without further ado kick off the first category, sam champion. >> i always wanted to do this. i really have. >> sam. >> stand. >> oh, gosh. >> thank you, robin. the category is outstanding drama series, in other words, the soaps, i've got the envelope right here and, folks, we have them in alphabetical order, "the bold and the beautiful," cbs, "days of our lives," nbc, please, please, ladies and gentlemen, hold your applause until all the categories have been read. "general hospital," abc, "one life to live," abc, "the young and the restless," cbs, now, ladies and gentlemen, your applause. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, robin, this is the first year that all five soaps have been nominated because of their initial scores they were
8:49 am
just so close, this is the tightest race ever for an emmy statue. >> you're enjoying this. >> going south quick. >> stay standing. go with lead actress. i'm not following that. no, go ahead. go ahead. >> do it. >> thank you, josh. now we know cuss on the stars, actors and actresses. are you ready. nominated for lead actress in a drama series. susan flannery of the "the bold and the beautiful," please hold your applause, lara. bad girl. peggy mccay from "days of our lives," michelle stafford in "the young and the restless" and last but not least, heather tom of the "the bold and the beautiful." good luck, ladies. and now for the men of daytime tv. >> yeah, there you go. >> no. >> really, again? >> no way i'm following that. >> do it with your game show face. the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a drama that series are peter bergman as jack
8:50 am
abbott of the "the young and the restless," cbs. doug davidson, paul williams of the "the young and the restless." michael muhney of "the young and the restless." jason thompson as patrick drake, "general hospital." >> oh. >> no, no, no. >> come on. >> keep going, keep going. >> all: sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam. >> doing the wohl awards show. >> but you know i'm free for the whole awards show. we've got one more soap category to share. it's outstanding supporting actress in a drama series. here we go. julie marie berman from "general hospital," melissa claire egan from "the young and the restless," jessica collins from the "the young and the restless," katherine kelly lang of the "the bold and the beautiful" and arianne sucker of "days of our lives." >> she's been a long time --
8:51 am
first nomination. this is a big one. this is a big one. >> sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam, sam. >> thank you, robin. now near and dear to our hearts. >> what? >> our hearts. our hearts which are similarly close to our hearts, left of the ventricle. reveal nominees for outstanding morning program. could we have a drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> our friends at cbs sunday morning, "good morning america." and the idea today" show. good luck to all of the competitors and let's not forget our buddies in the talk show world, george. >> you're really going to make me do this. >> no. no, george, come on. >> all: sam, sam, sam, sam, sam. sam, sam. >> oh! >> but thank you, george.
8:52 am
we have two categories, first outstanding talk show in entertainment and the nominees are "the ellen degeneres show, "live with kelly and michael," "the talk" and "the view." outstanding talk show the nominees are -- ? wait. >> that was for that one. >> oh. yay! >> oh, wait and for outstanding talk show, the nominees are "the doctors," "the dr. oz show" and "katie." >> all right. >> now you go. >> finally bring it on home. bring it on home. i know you don't want to but -- >> last one. >> very tiring. thank you, lara. now we have the nominees for outstanding original song. please roll the music. ♪
8:53 am
>> "good afternoon america" theme song. >> thank you. >> performed by little big town and now for the only other nominee in this category which makes "gaa" a shoe win. ♪ are you ready for -- >> another good song. >> "katie" sung by sheryl crow. >> katie, you're going down. >> we'd like to say good luck to all the nominees and i am available to host. [ cheers and applause ] >> you can see the full list of nominees at our website, on yahoo! and the 40th annual daytime emmy awards sure to be hosted by sam champion on hln sunday night
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thanks for kicking off may with us. tomorrow huge "deals & steals" revs up.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> pow from abc7 news. >> i am kristen sze. crews working to contain three brushfires in sonoma and napa county for fire danger. mike nicco tells us more. >> the red flag warning continues until 6:00. wind advisory until 11:00. the record high possible temperatures in oakland and richmond, record heat tomorrow and a heat advisory for most us with temperatures cooler this weekend. >> in the north bay we have another sig-alert just issued westbound side of highway 12 before you get to oakmont with four cars involved and traffic is stopped with one way traffic control this affect.
9:00 am
kristen? >> join us for midday news announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, star of the "big bang theory," jim parsons. and pop sensation carley jay jepson performs her new hit. plus, we'll meet her new top 10 nalists from new rochelle, new all next on the emmy-winning live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] kelly: thank you.

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